Challenge your friends. Challenge yourself!

Nutrition gamified.

The fantasy fitness challenge was inspired by fantasy football. Only instead of having players to do the work for you, you put in the work. It’s more than just a fitness app or a competition between two people. It’s a Community. It’s based on honesty, sportsmanship and passion for enjoying life! Play with your friends, start classes at your gym, join as many leagues as you want! It’s completely up to you!

Fantasy fitness is adaptable, and can be played by those who are ultra competitive or just out to have fun with their friends and family. It could be added to an existing work out through other apps, or done all on itself.

Create your own challenges, seasons, and workouts.

And it’s made to be simple, no need to count calories and macros and less you want to. The average Joe can use this app easily.

Socially, you can gather together and have a Fantasy fitness draft! Pick your activities. Make the rules amongst yourselves, including special challenges or punishments based on your friends input. Have waiver challenges and even a playoff with a winner!!!

Fantasy fitness is based off of a pattern of fantasy football. Instead of quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers and defenses you have nutrition, cardio, workouts, exercises, activities, vitamins and water intake.

Fantasy fitness doesn't mean your fitness is a fantasy. It’s actually achievable! This app is just a tool to make it more fun!

No matter what your fitness level, fantasy fitness could be adapted to make it competitive, so that everyone has a chance to compete.

Fantasy fitness is not a nutrition or fitness standard and therefore does not recommend or have liability for exercises or diets that the commissioners create.

Although we do have a point system for standard leagues, you can adjust those to make them better fit your league.

So whether you have a specific reason to compete, a specific activity or goal, check out Fantasy fitness for the newest and most entertaining way to get in shape. Challenge your friends & challenge yourself!

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