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  • Creating a League

    Creating a Fantasy Fitness is easy as 1, 2, 3. First choose your friends and family to invite to start competing as early as one day.

    Watch this step by step video on how to

    Create your own Fantasy Fitness League 
  • Adding Daily Points

    In your Fantasy Fitness competition get points for all of your healthy choices such as exercises, hydrations, food and daily activity.

    Watch this step video on how to

    Add Your Daily Points 

Innovative HR Programs

HR innovation isn’t all work and no play.

Common gamification techniques in HR include:
- Badges and rewards that players earn for staying active.
- Social interaction elements that encourage players to work collaboratively to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Start Innovating!
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How Does IT WORK



Pick your activities. Make the rules amongst yourselves, including special challenges or punishments based on your friends input. Have waiver challenges and even a playoff with a winner!!!

See how to get your league started with this short how to video Create a League


Every week or day you have an opponent. Get points for nutrition, cardio, workouts, exercises, activities, vitamins and even water intake. At the end whoever has the most points wins that round.

See how to easily add points with this short how to video Adding Daily Points